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We are the best at cleaning and coating asbestos roofing!

First thing is, it is ok to have an asbestos roof /siding.  The part most people don't know is that it had a color coating to protect it and now we find it to be that the coating also protects us.  When manufactured, they took a raw fiber (asbestos) with a concrete base and an adhesive.  After compressing the composite into a unit, otherwise known as a piece of roofing/siding, they applied a coating to protect the units from the weather elements.  Without the coating, the ultra violet rays of the sun will bleach and oxidize the adhesive within, then the fibers are released into the air, your guttering, downspouts and then the ground.  When the fiber comes out of a downspout, it washes into your landscape and yard.  At this time, your yard person spreads it around with a mower, breathing the fibers.  After he/she is done, the children in the area tend to play and roll around in it in the yard.  This is when it becomes a REAL problem. Most asbestos roofs in the United States are over 80 years old and should have had a new coating about thirty years ago.  About every thirty years the asbestos needs to be recoated, NOT PAINTED.   The asbestos will not accept paint products long term.  Sure it will go on, but the asbestos will breath through the paint and oxidize between the two and wash away.  We have an asbestos coating that can last up to 30 to 40 plus years and it not only comes in any color you want, we can also do a multi-color.  The asbestos roofing has proven to be better than slate and we all know how long a slate roof can last.  When your asbestos roof was installed, each piece was a little over a quarter of an inch thick.  Today you will find that in most cases it is about an eighth  to a quarter of an inch.  It has already washed about half way away on some pieces.  Don't be alarmed.  It is still good and it's the best type of roofing out there and it is still acting as the best insulator.  We are estimating without a coating, you could have about ten more years in most cases and with our coating, your asbestos roof could still last for hundreds of years.  Yes, that is right!  Hundreds!  Most people with an asbestos roof can't afford to dispose of it and others know what they have so they keep it.  Seems like every good idea has too many down falls.  Well, this one can be corrected.  Our company started out years ago with repairing all different types of roofing as well as installing and cleaning them.  In time, work slowed down on the asbestos and our cleaning took over.  Our name was Slate Restoration for years and about 15 years ago we changed the name to  Asbestos-One Company.   We will go anywhere in the continental United States to recondition asbestos. We take pride in what we do and we have plenty of homes that have been done for years and years. For a free estimate, E-mail: The Asbestos Care Team with a picture of your home, (with all sides of the roof showing).

If you are interested in having this done, here are the steps of the entire process.

First contact us

Get pictures of all sides of your roof to us,  E-mail: The Asbestos Care Team
We can then evaluate your roof.
We will then let you know where repairs are needed or
any other flashing or edges to be corrected.
We then give you a guaranteed price. If you agree to the price
and terms, we write up a contract for you to read, agree to and sign.
We set a time for the services.  A deposit is required.
The cleaning of the roof is done first.  All repairs next.
A bonding agent (asbesto-bond1000) is then applied to the complete roof.
(The bonding agent can only be applied under certain weather conditions.)
We will then apply the first base coat of "Asbesto-color" in the color of your choice.
We can then scatter other colors of your choice throughout the roof.
We then do an inspection of the roof and then a final inspection with you and if everything passes our inspection and yours, your roof is done

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