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Old Asbestos Slate

Scroll down to match the number on the picture to the literature below.

1 This lighter section of this asbestos tile is what your roofing really looks like now.  The gray or green colors you see on your roof is just dirt, moss and algae.  The tile is made of a concrete composite and asbestos fibers.  To stop the aging of the tile, you need to clean and re-coat it.  The roof 'CAN NOT' be painted.  Paint will start peeling the same year you apply it.  Our process is to apply a bonding agent that becomes part of the tile within (Asbesto-Bond 1000) and then apply a color coating (Asbestos Color) to finish.

2 The transition from dark to light is where the original protective coating stops and bare asbestos starts.

3 That area shows water staining.  It is from the wind blowing water under the edges.

4 This area shows the original coating that was protected from the weather elements.

5 This is a picture of the same tile laying down flat.  The right side of the tile is thicker because it has the original protective coating still on it.  When this tile was installed originally on an asbestos roof, this section was protected by the piece above overlaying it.  The left side is half as thick because dirt, moss and algae was allowed to grow and retain water, due to the roof never really drying out.  Without a protective coating, the tile will continue to dissipate.  With a new protective coating, the tile could still last for more than 100 years.

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