Pressure Washing

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The old way  to make sure the coating would stay on was to mix three chemicals together and use it as a bonding agent.  The bonding agent would soak into the tile and become a part of it.  Our color coating would reactivate the bonding agent and become a part of it.  It is still the best method but, very costly.  It has been on roof tops for over 30 years.  We are still waiting for the first problem to occur. 



Our New Products:  For 30-years the only complaint we have had is the cost.  Instead of the oils or synthetics, we have a water bourn product that works.  We have only been testing it for 20-years, it has been successful.
We are now using this product around the U.S.  If you would like to be one of the first in your area to use it, we will give you a minimum of a 15-year warranty. 


Periodically we go back to our customers and retest the products to assure our new customers they are getting the product they paid for.  Just recently we removed a sample area on a roof that was done 32-years ago with our original product and then removed a sample from a roof that was done with our latest product 20 years ago and we are proud to say, both are still perfect and still protecting the asbestos tiles.


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