Caribou Coffee

Asbestos roof before cleaning.

Before we started on this roof that’s over 100 years old..

Asbestos roof after cleaning and color coating.

Front view after our process.

Side view of asbestos roof after cleaning and color coating.

side view completed.

Asbestos-One color coating 20 years after coating, really dirty!

This is the same roof over three decades after we restored it. We have offered over the years to clean it and gave good prices to do so, but they never had us do it. They had someone cheap chlorinate with bleach, bad mistake. Chlorine not only drys everything out, it causes it to oxidize really bad and soil with other contaminants cling faster and thicker, causing it to look really bad. We tell every customer, DO NOT USE CHEMICALS ON OUR COATING, ONLY CLEAN WITH HOT WATER. We have cleaned asbestos roofing for customers in the past with hot water and it always comes clean. You can tell by other photos we have taken years later, bleach/chlorine destroys all exterior surfaces and the customers that listen, still have a perfect roof.

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